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KIT Communications has been successfully installing business communications systems since 1998. We are focused on helping our clients meet their needs, and offer a wide range of communications infrastructure solutions to achive those ends. KIT is focused on providing our customers with exceptional service, building relationships, and providing competitive pricing.

Structured Wiring : Cat 5 Wiring (Cat5e/Cat6) : Fiber Optics : Low Voltage

As an experienced low voltage cabling contractor, we undertand that the structured cabling in any building is the foundation for a robust and expandable communications infrastructure. KIT Communications is a low voltage cabling contractor serving Northeast Florida, inculding Jacsonville, St. Augustine, Macclenny, Gainesville, and the surrounding area. We design your cabling infrastructure to meet ANSI/TIA, BICSI, and local requirements. We design, install, and repair Cat5, Cat6, fiber optic, coax, and other low voltage cabling systems.

Our structured cabling services include fiber optic cable installation and repair, Cat 5 cable installation, Cat 6 cable installation, and other low voltage cabling solutions such as AV and security cabling. Our complete IT infrastructure plans include premise cable, cable pathways, telecommunications closets and data centers, as-built drawings, and full level 3 certification testing. Properly designed and installed IDFs and premise wiring can maximize your IT infrastructures ability to support current and future data, voice and, video requirements.

Efficient and properly designed Data Centers and communications closets on a campus environment by a KIT certified RCDD, ensures your Cat5 cabling, Cat6 cabling, and fiber cable installation comply with industry standards.

With over 100 schools serviced by KIT Communications, we have extensive experience with the challenges K12 schools face, and solutions to meet them. We understand the technologies available to maximize learning in the classroom while keeping students safe. Safety systems include Vape detection, alert systems, end-device security, door access, and security cameras.

IP CCTV Video Surveillance Security Camera Systems Installation

KIT Communications designs and installs IP video security systems, and can incorporate existing analog systems into a modern head-end, allowing businesses to upgrade their cameras to HD IP cameras over time if budgeting requires. Our storage systems include DVR, NVR or cloud based solutions.

With the proper VMS you can effectively monitor security video in real-time, share recorded video with law enforcement, create maps with camera locations, and view both live and recorded video from anywhere. We also have systems available that integrate with our Door Access and Alarm systems, for a complete security soultion.

Our systems range from enterprise security level for large business and school districts as well as low-cost solutions for small business. Call KIT for CCTV Installation needs in or around the Jacksonville Florida area.

Wireless/WiFi Network Systems : Wireless Design : Wifi Installation

Determining the proper location for wireless access points (WAPs) requires evaluating bandwidth, coverage areas, interference, and network security. In addition to installation services for WiFi systems, KIT offers wireless survey and design services for WiFi systems as well. We can also measure the performance of yoru existing Wireless network system provide recommendations based upon our findings and expertise.

Our detailed wireless survey documents will provide you critical information to address AP placement. As a wireless contractor serving Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona, St. Augustine, Duval, and more, we conduct extensive wireless surveys and provide detailed heatmap that reveal performance issues for WiFi systems and opportunities for improving them.

We are partnered with leading wireless equipment manufacturers to include Ruckus, Fortinet, Cisco Meraki, and Juniper. We offer a full range of wireless products and installation including indoor and outdoor Wireless Access Points (WAP), Wireless Bridges, Network Switches, wireless LAN Controllers and more.

Access Control Installation: Door Control : Door Access : Door Security Systems

KIT is also an Access Control contractor serving the Jacksonville Florida area. Door access control systems can be convenitly activated with a traditional FOB or smart ID card, and our most modern system can be activated from your phone without even taking it out of your pocket, making access throgh controlled doors even more convenient. Our access door security systems also can provide management and tracking of access to and within your facilities. Our door access control systems integrate with our video security and alarm systems to provide a complete premisis electronic securiy system.

Customer-Premises Equipment : PBX : Business Phone Systems

We design and install the ForitVoice VoIP PBX business phone system which offers all-inclusive calling features, centralized control, and versatile deployment options. The FortiVoice business phone system is license free, which keeps deployment and recurring costs down in comprison to rival commercial systems on the market. The combination of our IP PBX business phone system and our low voltage wiring installation, provides the highest quality turn-key on-prem phone system.

Switching to SIP Trunking may reduce your recurring costs. We can help you evaluate your current voice service costs and provide alternatives from a multitude of carriers to meet your needs.

Cloud Hosted PBX Business Phone Systems

If Cloud Voice or Virtual Voice might be a better fit for your organization over a traditional on-prem phone system, we have you covered. Cloud voice can save on initial capital costs needed for telephone PBX, eliminate maintenance costs of a phone system, and give access to features only found in a high-end PBX.

KIT works with multiple Cloud Voice service providers and can help you evaluate your options and choose the right provider.

Intercom System Installation : Mass Notification System Installation : Paging System Installation

Communicating with specific or all personnel on a site is not only important for your organizations operations but can also be your first line of defense in response to an active shooter or other harmful situation. A Properly designed and installed Overhead Paging System and Mass Notification system installation will provide you the tools you need.

We are experienced in designing and installing overhead paging systems in commercial, manufacturing, medical, and education environments. Our intercom systems and paging systems can be integrated with your phone system. Common intercom paging system features include zoneed paging, time shift change bells, night ring, and more.