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Alarm Systems

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Since 1998, KIT Network Cabling has been providing successful premise communication system installations for business clients in the Central and Eastern Pennsylvania area. Our staff are client-focused, and known for going above and beyond. From the designs we recommend, to the care we take in installing them, to the support we provide post installation, we are dedicated to making sure we help our clients succeed.

Reliable Network Cabling Services in Eastern and Central PA

As your trusted low voltage contractor, KIT Communications specializes in structured cabling services and network cabling installation across Eastern and Central PA, including Harrisburg, Lancaster, Allentown, and York. We are your go-to for Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A installations, ensuring network speed and reliability. Our outside plant cabling extends connectivity beyond building confines, while our fiber optic solutions cater to high-speed data needs. For businesses with extensive network requirements, we offer expert data center builds. Trust us for your network cabling services to leverage our commitment to quality, neat installations, and adherence to BICSI training standards.

Enterprise WiFi System Installation/Wireless Network Design & Wireless Site Survey/WiFi Testing in PA

KIT Communications, an expert in wireless technology throughout PA, delivers comprehensive WiFi services including WiFi Network Installation and Wireless Site Surveys. Our WiFi Network Installation service incorporates cutting-edge WiFi 6 technology and advanced wireless survey technology for the creation of custom solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Our Wireless Site Survey services aid in understanding your WiFi network's current state, providing critical insights for coverage optimization. Services also include Post-Deployment WiFi Surveys and Predictive WiFi Performance Planning, perfect for troubleshooting, new installations, or upgrades. Beyond installation, we offer ongoing support and WiFi testing to ensure optimal performance and security. Choose KIT Communications for reliable, high-performance wireless networks.

Video Security Camera Systems

KIT Communications is a leading provider of commercial security camera system installations in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. We understand the integral role that a CCTV video security system plays in ensuring safety and optimal operational efficiency within businesses, schools and other organizations. Our sophisticated offerings incorporate industry-leading brands such as Rhombus, Verkada, Avigilon Alta (Formerly Ava Security), Hanwha, and Exacq, covering an extensive range of features and applications.

Some of our video surveillance solutions include AI driven video analytics capabilities like facial recognition, color recognition, anomalous behavior detection, and enhanced license plate recognition, allowing easy identification and tracking of events and persons or vehicles of interest throughout all available live feeds or recorded footage. These security camera systems can also be integrated with door access and alarm for a comprehensive commercial building security solution manageable from a single pane interface.

Professional video surveillance monitoring service options allow 24/7 video monitoring agents to review live and recorded footage when there is an alarm triggered to better assess the most appropriate response, and even issue audio warnings to the site to warn off would-be intruders.

With KIT Communications, businesses, schools, and other organizations across Pennsylvania can rest assured knowing they have an advanced, secure, and efficient security camera system in place. Reach out to us today and discover how we can bolster your business's security.

Door Security Access Control Systems

KIT Communications is an access control installation contractor specializing in designing, installing, and supporting state-of-the-art keyless entry door security systems, including cloud-based systems with mobile phone credentials, and single pane integrations with alarm and video security. Our expertise spans a wide range of industry leading brands, such as Rhombus, Verkada, Avigilon Alta (formerly Ava and Openpath), Kantech, and Paxton. We install access control systems solutions that seamlessly blend convenience and security for commercial, education, and enterprise institutions. We proudly serve the Allentown, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, and Reading areas in PA and their surrounding regions, our team is committed to providing top-notch service and tailored access control system solutions to meet the unique needs of our valued clients.

Commercial Alarm Systems

We also excel in designing, installing, and supporting advanced alarm systems specifically tailored for commercial, educational, logistics, and enterprise clients. Innovative cloud-based options include single pane access to the alarm system, door access control, and video security, for an intuitive and comprehensive security system. We understand the unique challenges faced by these institutions, and are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient alarm systems that encompass intrusion detection, perimeter protection, centralized monitoring, and integration to related security systems. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with clients to develop customized alarm system solutions and seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technology with their existing infrastructure.

Business Phone Systems

As a silver partner with Fortinet, we are proud to offer and install the FortiVoice VoIP PBX Busines Phone System that offers reliable performance, all of the business class phone system features you expect, all at a much lower cost with their license free pricing model. The combination of the affordable IP PBX Phone system by Fortinet with our quality cabling and installation services, deliver the best turn-key IP PBX phone system for the best price.

Overhead Paging Public Address Systems

KIT designs and installs mass notification, overhead intercom paging speaker systems. We will help you determine what type, and how many overhead speakers and horns are required to provide an even paging strength where you need it, without being overbearing in some areas. We also handle installation of your speaker system, and integration with the telephone system. We can provide other public address speaker system features such as zoned paging, time shift changes, night ring, feedback eliminators, and more. As with everything we do, our paging installers are knoweldgeable and courteous, and will make sure your overhead intercom paging system meets your needs.

Sound Masking Speech Privacy Systems

Sound masking and speech privacy systems, designed and installed by KIT Communications utilizing components by Atlas Sound, Valcom, and other industry leading manufacturers, will boost productivity by limiting distractions, and increase the privacy of sensitive conversations in the workplace.