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Door Access Control Systems - Electronic Door Security Installation

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Door Access control Security systems in PA
Our capabilities include the design and installation of access control systems including intercom and video door entry control and card access systems. Card access is a vital security component for any business, providing advantages like:

Programmable Access Control

Access schedules and and prividges for our Electronic Door access control systems can be configured by user. Users can also be placed in groups with scheduling and privlidges assigned to the group, making setup for new card access or key fob holders much quicker. Our intuitive card enrollment readers make configuring and assigning new tokens a snap. From the ground up, our access control systems are designed to make your door security planning and scheduling intuitive and easy to configure.

Easily Deactivated Access Cards and Key Fobs

Unlike traditional keyed doors, a user's access card can be deactivated or changed with a few simple commands. This eliminates the security risk related to unreturned keys.

Use Access Logs

User access logs showing who requested, and was granted access at what times, provide critical information that be applied in a multitude of ways. Electronic door security systems do not just provide control over access. They also tell you who entered, when, and where.

Keys can be copied

It is easy to a get a copy made of a key, even if it is stamped with "do not copy". Even with legitimate copies, it is easy to lose track of a key, and every key unaccounted for is a security risk.

Remote access

Remote access can be a real time saver if an employee needs access outside their normal access hours for some unique situation. If no manager is on site, an authorized person can log into the system remotely and change access rights.

Multiple access options

A variety of user access methods are available, including biometrics (thumb print), key fobs, or proximity access cards that can double as a company photo ID card.

System Integration

Door access systems can be integrated with video security, providing access data to the video system. This information can be used to trigger cameras to record, and/or as a tool when searching for video.

Multile Access Options

We offer multiple credentiallying and access options including legacy card swipe access, proximity card readers, Biometrics (facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scans, and more), or even old fasioned keypads for entering keycodes

Apartment Entry Systems

KIT also installs door access systems for multi-tenant apartment buildings with audio and/or video request-for-entry.