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Point to Point Wireless Bridge Installations - Fast Reliable WiFi Backbone

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Wireless Ethernet Bridge PA

KIT Network Cabling provides and installs fast, reliable point to point 802.11ac wireless ethernet bridge systems. If fiber optic cabling is cost prohibitive, conisder a high speed 802.11ac WiFi Bridge as an alternative to extend your network.

The Cost-Effective Alternative

There is no denying that a hard wired fiber optic backbone link is the prefered method to connect satalite buildings to the main data center. However, in many situations it is cost prohibitive or even impossible to install optical fiber. In these cases, an 802.11ac wireless bridge is a great alternative to leased lines. A WiFi bridge is a fixed installation cost and offers throughput speeds up to 867 Mbps.

Long Distance Wireless Bridge Links

If line of site can be estabished, a point to point wireless ethernet bridge can be estabished between two points that are miles apart.

High speed Wireless Bridge Systems

If 802.11 speeds are not fast enough, high speed wireless bridge systems are available using licensed frequency bands or free space optics (laser) that deliver much higher speeds.

Redundant Link

One common use for a wireless bridge is as a redundant link for high availability systems.


Reliable WiFi Bridge Links

Our WiFi bridge solutions utilize reliable outdoor enterprise grade equipment, and are designed to avoid the many scenarios that can degrade a point-to-point wifi bridge's performance. If you elect to have KIT design and install a WiFi bridge for your application, and your particular application is a good fit for this solution, you will find it to be a reliable and fast connection. We just don't get call-backs on our WiFi bridge systems, because the work and don't fail.

Wireless Bridge Surveys

KIT performs site surveys for potential wireless bridge links between two or more buildings. Surveys involve physical inspection and active RF scanning of the air space under consideration, and are followed up with a detailed report of our findings and recomendations.

Point to Multipoint Wireless Bridge

Multipoint systems are also available to connect many buildings on a campus back to your main data center.