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Cable TV Wiring - Coax Cabling - CATV Distriution Wiring

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Cable TV in PA
KIT offers CATV Distribution Wiring design and installation services. Cable TV Wiring systems by KIT are engineered to provide adequate and equal signaling to every TV outlet for a crystal clear picture at every TV on every channel.

Coax Cabling (RG59/RG6)

Traditional CATV distribution systems utilized coax cable to deliver quality video throughout a facility to each television set. These systems, while very effective, require careful design to assure proper signal strength at each TV. Traditional coax systems often perform worse over time since adds and repairs can degrade system quality if proper care is not taken to preserve the original system design

Head-end Equipment

KIT designs and installed CATV head-end equipment that can chery-pick channels and add other content to a custom channel lineup for presentation to users.

CATV over Twisted Pair

KIT Network Cabling designs and installs CATV distribution systems over twisted pair utilizing Z-Band equipment. UTP CATV distribution systems are more resilient to changes and repairs and are often more cost effective, especially if there is already unutilized cat5e/cat6 cabling in place.

CATV over Fiber

CATV can be delivered over fiber optics which is particularly useful in the enterprise where it is desirable that multiple buildings (or larger single buildings) feed of the same head-end.