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Wireless Surveys/Wi-Fi Design and Troubleshooting in Allentown area

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Professional Wi-Fi Survey and Design in Allentown

Wi-Fi Survey Services and Wireless Network Design in Allentown Areas

KIT Communications is a leading provider of Wi-Fi network services in Allentown and the neighboring areas of Bethlehem, Whitehall, Macungie, and Easton. We combine technical expertise and dedication to meet our clients' needs - be it for troubleshooting existing Wi-Fi networks or designing a new one from scratch.

Predictive Wi-Fi Performance Planning for a Future-Proof Network

We offer a sophisticated simulated pre-deployment wireless survey, known as predictive planning. With this service, we can accurately forecast the performance of your future Wi-Fi network using state-of-the-art computer simulations. This approach ensures a reliable, cost-effective solution for businesses planning a new 802.11 wireless network setup.

Delve Deeper with our RF Spectrum Analysis

If your business suspects non-Wi-Fi interference is causing network performance issues, our RF Spectrum Analysis service can help. We'll conduct a comprehensive check to identify and resolve any sources of interference, ensuring your wireless network operates at peak efficiency.

Pre-Deployment Wi-Fi Surveys for Optimal Network Design

If you're considering installing a new Wi-Fi system in Kutztown, Emmaus, Northampton, or any other city in our service area, our in-depth pre-deployment Wi-Fi surveys can provide you with critical data. We undertake a thorough examination of your premises, resulting in a precise Wi-Fi system design that ensures efficient access point placement and antenna orientations.

Uncover Network Issues with Post-Deployment Wi-Fi Surveys

Our post-deployment Wi-Fi surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of your existing Wi-Fi network, identifying any potential areas for improvement. We measure key performance metrics, including signal strength across all access points, enabling us to provide you with detailed, actionable feedback to optimize your network's performance.

Superior Wi-Fi Solutions for Businesses in Allentown

At KIT Communications, we do more than just install Wi-Fi systems. We offer a range of services designed to enhance your Wi-Fi network's performance, coverage, and capacity. Whether you're in need of a network performance audit, system upgrade, or a completely new installation, we're here to serve businesses across Allentown and surrounding areas. Experience our dedication to delivering exceptional Wi-Fi solutions today.