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WiFi Network Systems - Wireless Access Point (WAP) Installation in PA

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Enterprise Wireless Networks WLAN WiFi  in PA

KIT Communications offers WiFi Wireless Network System design, installation and support services for business and educational clients in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our WiFi Access Point Systems by Ruckus Wireless, Cisco Meraki, and Fortinet provide reliable high-speed wireless access for all environments. Coupling these industry leading enterprise class WiFi network systems with our professional WiFi cabling installation, RF wireless diagnostic services, and WiFi engineering experience, yields the best turn-key end results you will find.

WiFi Surveys (Active and Passive)

We offer WiFi diagnostic and wireless survey services to clients in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you are having trouble with an existing WiFi network deployment, we can scan the airwaves throughout your facility, and produce detailed heatmaps showing the performance of each wireless access point, and the system as whole. We can identify weak spots in your coverage, areas where you may have too much coverage (which can be as bad as too little), how your environment might be creating challenges, and where key configuration changes can improve performance.

We can also provide these same wifi heat mapping services as pre-deployment computer simulations to predict expected performance for proposed systems prior to paying for a complete wireless survey or rolling out a wireless network installation.

Click here for detail about our Wireless Survey Services for WiFi Network Systems.

Secure 802.11ac Wireless Network Solutions

Provide secure wireless connectivity to authorized users. Advanced encryption techniques and registration with RADIUS server make modern WLAN wireless networks very secure. A seperate guest wireless network running on the same system allows you to grant internet access to guest users while restricting access to the company network to authorized users. Guest passes even allow you to control who has guest access, and for how long.

Ruckus Wireless Partner

KIT Communications installs WiFi Network Systems by Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus is an industry leader in Wireless Network Systems, best know for their BeamFlex technlology, a smart Wi-Fi Antenna technlolgy that steers signals to High-Quality Paths. Ruckus end users are impressed with the improved range Ruckus systems deliver, the incredible stability, polished interface, and overall ease of use of their systems.

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Single Vendor

While many WLAN installation companies deal only with the electronics side of wireless deployments, KIT Network Cabling is a fully capable structured cabling contractor. We install both the uplink cabling and the wireless network equipment giving you a single vendor turn-key solution. This approach creates a single point of accountability, eliminating the finger pointing that often goes on if issues arise and multiple vendors are involved.