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Wireless Survey and WiFi System Design

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Professional Wi-Fi Survey and Design in Pennsylvania

Wireless Survey and WiFi Design Services in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania

At KIT Communications, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Wi-Fi system design and wireless survey services across Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our strategic location in Lebanon County allows us to serve Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, York, Allentown, Bethlehem, and more. Whether you're troubleshooting Wi-Fi performance issues for your existing system, embarking on a fresh installation, or looking to exapand or upgrade your existing system, our expertise in Wi-Fi system design and wireless survey services, positions us as your premier wireless network consultation service provider.

Post-Deployment Wi-Fi Surveys

Our post-deployment Wi-Fi surveys offer vital insights into the state of your current Wi-Fi network. We measure Wi-Fi signal strength and other performance-impacting metrics across your space, providing a detailed report to highlight areas for Wi-Fi coverage optimization. This process is particularly useful when evaluating the performance of existing system, or when we are performing wireless diagnostic services to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection issues reported by users.

Predictive Wi-Fi Performance Planning

Planning a new Wi-Fi system, or to expand your existing system? Our predictive Wi-Fi performance planning service uses advanced computer simulations to create a predictive model of your space. By virtually placing and moving access points within this model, we derive a design that meets your wireless needs. This plan can guide on-site pre-deployment surveys or provide a basis for installation if a full survey isn't feasible. Combined with post-deployment surveys, our predictive planning can suggest enhancements to improve coverage.

Comprehensive Pre-Deployment Wi-Fi Surveys

A robust Wi-Fi network starts with a solid foundation. That's where our full on-site pre-installation site surveys come in. Beginning with a predictive plan, we place an access point at each location and measure the actual performance. We then adjust the placement based on this data, sometimes leading to changes in the number or locations of access points. This iterative process ensures a custom Wi-Fi network tailored to your coverage needs, fully backed by real-world data.

RF Spectrum Analysis

External interference from non-WiFi sources can impact a wireless network's performance. Although rare, such situations warrant an RF Spectrum Analysis to detect and measure frequency noise. If your business could benefit from this service, trust KIT Communications to deliver a thorough wireless network health check.

Delivering Exceptional Wi-Fi Solutions Across Central and Eastern Pennsylvania

At KIT Communications, our team doesn't merely install Wi-Fi systems; we deliver end-to-end wireless network solutions. From Wi-Fi network performance audits to Wi-Fi system upgrade services, we're dedicated to ensuring your Wi-Fi network is optimized for performance, coverage, and capacity. If you have a facility in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Reading, Allentown or anywhere else in our Pennsylvania serving area, partner with KIT Communications for your Wi-Fi needs and experience our commitment to excellence.

Signal to Noise Ratios (SNR)

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) heatmap by KIT Communications

Expected Throughput

Predictive planning throughput projections for WiFi network system by KIT Communications

Cell Coverage Planning

AP cell coverage heatmap by KIT Communications

Roaming Handoff Planning

roaming handoff planning heatmap by KIT Communications

Co-Channel Interference

Co-channel Interference heatmap by KIT Communications

WiFi Issues Summary

Summary of Issues heatmap by KIT Communications