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Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Repair

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KIT Network Cabling has been installing fiber optics since 1998. Our capabilities include single mode and OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode fiber cabling installations, indoor and outdoor cabling, fusion splicing, and fiber troubleshooting with OTDR testing.

Backbone Fiber Optics

KIT Network Cabling provides and installs indoor and outdoor Fiber Optic Plant cabling. We can help you establish high speed connections between your data closets in a single buiding, or help you connect multiple buildings. Trenching and Aerial services are avaialble.

Fusion Splicing

Fusion Splicing provides a near perfect splice, fusing two sections of glass together. KIT Network Cabling can provide fiber optic fusion splicing services for tieing seperate runs together, attaching factory-terminated pigtails, or repairing damaged fiber lines.

Certification Testing

KIT Network Cabling uses the very best state-of-the-art equipment when testing, splicing, and troubleshooting fiber optic cabling. Fiber optic splicing is done with fusion splicers that fuse two fiber strands together as one, for near zero splice loss. Cable testing is done with end-to-end power meter testing at the wave-length matching the intended network link deployment, and troubleshooting and/or link-loss measurements are done with an Optical Time Delay Reflectometer (OTDR), which produce detailed reporting that is invaluable when locating loss points.

Armored Cabling

done by contractors and maintenance technicians working in the building. Traditional fiber optic cabling is protected with plastic innerduct that offers little protection from a drill bit or powered saw. For that reason, KIT Communications offers and installs armored fiber optic cabling for indoor applications. Armored cabling provides a much higher degree of protection against accidental damage that can bring your network to it's knees in a flash.

Fiber Repair Services

Having trouble with a fiber optic cabling link? We offer troubleshooting fiber repair services for poorly performing or dark fiber utilizing OTDR testing to locate faults, and fusion splicing for near 0 loss repair.