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Intercom Paging Speaker System Installations in PA

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Overhead speaker intercom paging PA
KIT Communications desgns and installs professional overhead ceiling speaker systems for intercom paging, public address, music, and other commercial and industrial audio applications. We engineer our paging systems so that your audio is heard where you want, when you want.

Public Address

Zoned intercom paging systems by KIT allow public address announcements to be made throughout your facility, either to select sections or to the entire facility as required.

Celing Speaker Design

Care is taken when designing our systems to assure speaker selection, placement, and configuration meets the unique needs of every building so that when announcements are made, they are heard clearly but not so loud as to be disruptive.

Telephone Integration

We'll integrate your paging speaker system with just about any phone system so paging announcements to the overhead speaker system can conveniently be made from any facility phone.

Background Music

With your intcom system, pipe background music throughout your facility, or only to certain areas. When a page is made, the background music can be automatically muted until the page is completed.

Night Ring

When your phone system shifts over to night mode, have it send a signal to our paging system that will ring throughout your facility so that anyone in the facility will know there is an incoming call.

Alert Tones

Alert tones can be triggered based on time of day, alarm conditions, or other external triggers.