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Cat 6 wiring structured cabling contractor PA NJ

An organized structured cabling system that delivers maximum performance and reliability with clear labeling and attractive wire management, saves an organization a great deal of money in over the long run. We have been installing network cabling systems for almost two decades, getting our start in the late 1990s providing cat 6 wiring installations for business and government clients in PA. We now install most Cat5e cabling and Cat 6 wiring solutions, and also offer Cat6a data cabling solutions for 10 Gbps applications. We make sure your IT staff can easily find the ports they are looking for, and can have the peace of mind that when troubleshooting a network issue, it's not the network cabling. We achieve our results by first strictly adhering to EIA/TIA standards and BICSI best practices, and by then going that extra mile to assure your new structured cabling system is something that you will be proud to show off.

Low Voltage Wiring Contractor

Cat5e Wiring

Cat5e wiring installations by KIT Network Cabling reliably deliver gigabit ethernet speeds. Since Cat5e cabling reaches these same gigiabit speeds that Cat6 cabling installations do, Cat5e remains our most common data cabling service. Aside from quality cabling, components and installatin practices that deliver reliable results, what we are most known for is how great our data racks look. Bringing together hundreds of Cat5e connections on a data rack and keeping them looking great can be a challenging task for many, but our technicians undertand how to provide crisp, clean data closet that you can be proud of.

Cat6 Wiring

Although Cat6 wiring installations offer the same gigiabit speeds that category 5e cabling does, electrically, Cat6 cabling does perform better. With lower attenunation and cross-talk accross lines, category 6 wiring solutions offer more head-room above what is required to deliver top speeds, so can tollerate more damage. There is also an argument for future proofing with Category 6 cabling. Our category 6 cabling solutions are only marginally more expensive than category 5e, so many elect cat6 just this reason. As with our cat5e solutions, we focus on delivering reliable structured cabling systems with clear labeling and data racks you will want to show off.

Cat6a 10Gbps Data Cabling

In February 2008, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) approved TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10. This standard defines the parameters for running 10 Gigabit per seconds Ethernet over Augmented Category 6 copper cable. While as of yet, Cat6a solutions are expensive and have not yet caught on as the solution of choice for most structured cabling designs, we offer Cat6a solutions for those who are interested. If you want to run 10 Gigabit over copper, talk to us about our Cat6a solutions to see if it is right for your application.

Industrial Cabling Solutions

Industrial and other harsh environments require specialized connectors, outlet plates, and enclosures designed to protect networking components from water, dust, and other harsh environmental elements.

Voice Cabling

KIT provides telephone cabling installation services including backbone telephone cable splicing, Demarc extensions, troubleshooting and repair.


Cable Testing and Certification

All Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cables installed by KIT Network Cabling are certified according to EIA/TIA standards. KIT Network Cabling also performs independent third party certification testing.

EIA/TIA Standards and BICSI

KIT Structured Cabling systems are installed according to EIA/TIA standards and BICSI recommended practices. Standards assure that not only do cabling systems meet expected performance requirements, but that they are supportable by a variety of vendors now and in the years to come.

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cabling is suited for deployment in electrically noise environments where EMI interference is problematic to the delicate electromagnetic requirements of UTP cabling.