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KIT Communications is the trusted solution for premier business phone system installations across Lancaster, PA, and neighboring towns, including Ephrata, Lititz, Manheim, Columbia, Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, and New Holland. We understand the paramount importance of efficient and reliable communication systems in the contemporary business world. To serve this critical need, we collaborate with industry frontrunners such as Fortinet and NEC to deliver outstanding on-premise PBX Business Phone Systems. Additionally, we maintain strong alliances with renowned hosted phone service providers like 8x8 and RingCentral, providing a wide array of on-premise and cloud-based phone systems that can be tailored to any business requirement.

Embrace Streamlined Business Communication with FortiVoice

Fortinet's FortiVoice Unified Communications system presents an all-encompassing solution for your business's diverse communication needs. With the power to synchronize your communication tools into one versatile environment, FortiVoice fosters seamless interactions and efficient teamwork across various devices and locations. Whether it's a critical client call or an internal team discussion, FortiVoice ensures your business remains interconnected.

Exploring the Benefits of FortiVoice Unified Communications

Unification of Communication

With FortiVoice, your conventional computer and smartphone evolve into a singular communication hub, blending functionalities like chat, call, conference, and fax. This integrated approach negates the need for multiple tools, streamlines operations, and enhances team communication.

Instantaneous Presence Updates

The real-time presence feature in FortiVoice enables you to view the availability of your team members instantly, which is instrumental in eliminating unnecessary communication lags and promoting collaborative work culture - especially crucial in the current remote work scenario.

Introducing the FortiFone Softclient

The FortiFone Softclient, part of FortiVoice's toolkit, is a resilient application that allows for quick chats and enables you to send and receive faxes directly from your desktop. This feature reduces the need for switching between different tools for varied communication needs, thereby enhancing productivity and minimizing disruptions.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams

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FortiVoice is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, enriching the calling experience within the Microsoft environment. With this integrated setup, you can manage communications more efficiently without the need to leave the Microsoft Teams application.

Trustworthy and Secure Communication

FortiVoice, being a product from the globally acclaimed cybersecurity leader, Fortinet, offers a business communication solution that you can trust. With FortiVoice, you can be confident about the privacy and security of your conversations, allowing you to focus on your business's core operations.

Simplified Deployment and Management

FortiVoice reduces the complexity of managing business communications in today's dispersed work environments with its intuitive interface and straightforward licensing. This user-friendly system helps minimize disruptions during the adoption process and assists administrators in effectively optimizing system usage.

NEC’s SL2100: Designed for Small Businesses

We also team up with NEC to offer the SL2100 business phone system, which provides an affordable, enterprise-grade unified communication and mobility solution tailored for small businesses. The SL2100’s VoIP capabilities open the door to unified communications for small businesses and eliminate worries about hardware, licensing, and maintenance.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

If your business is contemplating a transition to a hosted VoIP phone system, KIT Communications is here to help. We offer numerous hosted PBX system options and provide guidance on selecting the best solution for your organization. With the growing trend of remote work, cloud hosted VoIP phone systems have become a fundamental requirement for businesses seeking enhanced mobility, scalability, and cost savings. Our cloud-based solutions ensure smooth remote communication and are equipped with advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and auto-attendant functionalities.

Choose KIT Communications - Your Local Fortinet Silver Partner

KIT Communications, a Fortinet Silver Partner, is adept at delivering robust Fortinet solutions that are precisely aligned with your business needs. Our team’s proficiency extends to deploying FortiVoice systems and a host of other Fortinet solutions. We are always ready to help you navigate any queries or concerns you may have. Choose KIT Communications as your reliable partner for exceptional business communication solutions.