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KIT Communications is a communications integrator serving Lancaster County PA. We provide, install and support a variety of premisis communication systems for businesses, government faciilities and schools in Lancaster county. Our available solutions and services include structured cabling (Cat5e/Cat6/Fiber optics), WiFi wireless access systems, intercom paging, business phone systems, video security camera surveillance systems, and door security access control. We have beeen in business since 1999 and our experience shows in the quality of the systems we provide, our installation practices, and our support. Our services include:

Network Cabling (Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fiber)

Cat5e Cat6 Fiber Computer Cabling Lancaster County

Network wiring is the foundation for all of the other technology systems we provide, so the quality of this wiring is a core focus. We design and install our low voltage wiring systems according to EIA/TIA standards and BICSI best practices, with special attention given to the presentation and labeling of your cabling system. We understand how frustrating it can be for IT staff when working with an unreliable or poorly labeled structured cabling system, so we make it our focus to install systems that solve this common issue. We certify our Cat5e and Cat6 lines to EIA/TIA standards with level three certification testers by Agilent or Fluke to assure every line delivers the speeds you expect. Do not accept block test results from other contractors! We also specialize in refreshing data centers, so if your current system is a source of frustration, we can help! If you need a structured wiring installer in Lancaster PA, give us a call. For more information about our structured network cabling services, click here. We also provide design installation and repair for fiber optic cabling. For more information about our fiber optic services, click here

- Focus on clear labeling and great looking data racks
- Structured cabling systems you can be proud of
- Cabling drawings with port labels and locations
- Cat5e/Cat6 lines that perform to standards
- Data room build outs (racks, cabinets, raised flooring)
- Certified test results for every network line
- Fiber optic backbone wiring
- Fiber service and repair
- Fiber optic testing and fusion splicing

WiFi Access Point Systems

Cat5e Cat6 Fiber Computer Cabling Lititz Ephrata Manheim
We also provide WiFi system design, installation, and diagnostic services. We approach Wireless Access Point systems from an RF design position, focusing first on equipment, positioning and configuration delivers your WiFi data clearly across the air with as little ineterference as possible. RF design is complicated, and KIT communication has the right tools and know-how to design and install wireless access systems that work. All too often in this industry, it is assumed that simply putting up more WAPs will solve the problem. But often, this makes matters worse. Our wireless survey technicians can scan your facility and produce detailed heat-maps showing exactly what sort of coverage and interference you are currently expericing, or even run simulated scenarios based on your building construction to property design a new system. We combine this RF approach with partnerships, with Ruckus Wireless, Cisco Meraki, Fortinet and other well known WiFi equipment manufactuers to provide a great final WiFi solution. Click through here or follow the links to the left for more information about our

Wireless Survey Services or Wireless Access Point Systems.

- Scaleable Wireless Access Point Systems
- Wireless design and installation
- Wireless surveys and comprehensive recomendations
- Cabling for WiFi systems
- Reliable and fast WiFi Bridge connections between buildings

Overhead Intercom Paging Speakers

Paging Speaker Intercom Systems Lititz Millersville Manheim
We install intercom paging speaker systems for business and school districts in Lancaster county. Our intercom speaker systems are built to deliver even and clear audio, with zoning options available to either send messages to particular areas, or all-call to the entire facility or campus for mass notification annoucements. We also provide integration services with telephone systems, door bxoes and video surveillance. If you lookgint to install, upgrade, or improve an intercom paging speaker system, get a bid from KIT Communications. You will be glad you did!

- Evenly heard paging annoucnements
- Zoned Paging Speaker Systems
- All-call mass-notification annoucements
- Timed tones and bells sounds
- Integration with business phone and other systems

CCTV Video Surveillance Security Camera Systems

CCTV Video Security Camera Systems Lancaster Elizabethtown

We provide and install Video Surveillance systems in with high resolution IP security cameras, and scaleable enterprise-level VMS software that is both powerful and easy to use. We hold exclusive state contracts for our video surveillance solutions, and have been providing cctv security camera systems to clients in Lancaster PA for almost two decades. Click for more detail about our video surveillance security camera system installations availabe in Lancaster PA

- HD Megapixel IP Cameras for the best price
- Intuitive but powerful CCTV VMS interface
- Scalablability from single site to the enterprise
- State contract holder for turn-key surveillance solutions
- Integration with other systems (door security, POS, and more)

Door Security/Access Control

Door security access control Elizabethtown Columbia

In additional to traditional style door access systems, we also provide and install IP based access control systems for our clients in the Lancaster and Ephrata. These PoE driven network door security solutions fit perfectly in the modern building environment. Our systems feature:

- Simple card enrollment and programming
- Rich and customized uer access schedules
- User groups for easier setup of new employees
- Detailed logs to review access history for user
- System integrations with video security
- Solutions for data cabinets as well

VoIP Business Phone Systems (IPPBX)

VoIP PBX Phone Systems Lancaster

Our VoIP business phone systems are available from small systems the single office, to enterprise systems for any size organization with all of the business phone features you would expect. Our partnership with FortiVoice and their license free VoIP phone system model, allows us to offer business class VoIP phone systems to our clients in Lancaster, Litiz, and Ephrata and the surrouding area, at a much lower price than our competitors. We also offer hosted VoIP solutions and SIP trunking services for situations that benefit from this approach.

- Enterprise VoIP Business Phone Systems by FortiVoice
- Lower cost systems with unique licensing model
- Intuitive interface and easy configuration
- Rich feature set
- Hosted solutions and SIP trunking