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Wireless Surveys/Wi-Fi Design and Troubleshooting in Reading area

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Professional Wi-Fi Survey and Design in Reading

Wi-Fi Survey Services and Wireless Network Design in Berks County, PA

KIT Communications provides exceptional Wi-Fi survey services throughout Berks County, PA, including key areas like Reading, Wyomissing, Singing Spring, and Wernersville. Whether it's resolving Wi-Fi performance issues or setting up a new system, our vast experience in Wi-Fi system design and installation makes us the wireless network consultation service provider of choice in this region.

Post-Deployment Wi-Fi Surveys

Our comprehensive post-deployment Wi-Fi surveys offer valuable insights into the status of your existing Wi-Fi network. We meticulously measure Wi-Fi signal strength and other crucial metrics affecting performance across your space, compiling an extensive report to pinpoint areas where Wi-Fi coverage can be improved. This practice is particularly helpful when assessing the performance of an existing system or when diagnosing Wi-Fi connection difficulties reported by users.

In-Depth Pre-Deployment Wi-Fi Surveys

Looking to install a new Wi-Fi system in Wernersville, Leesport, or any of the other areas we serve? Our pre-deployment Wi-Fi surveys involve a rigorous examination of your space. This methodical analysis forms the basis for an optimized Wi-Fi system design, guided by practical data on access point locations and antenna orientations, adhering to the industry's best practices for new Wi-Fi system designs.

Predictive Wi-Fi Performance Planning

We offer simulated pre-deployment wireless surveys, also known as predictive planning. By employing advanced computer simulations, we can build a predictive model of your environment. For businesses seeking a more affordable pre-deployment solution for 802.11 wireless design, our predictive planning services offer a perfect blend of cost efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, these services serve as a powerful extension to our post-deployment surveys, as our engineers can simulate performance for potential new access points to enhance coverage in identified areas.

RF Spectrum Analysis

Interference can significantly degrade a Wi-Fi network's performance. We provide RF Spectrum Analysis services to businesses suspecting non-Wi-Fi interference within their premises. Should your business require this service, you can rely on us to perform the comprehensive wireless network health check that you need.

Providing Superior Wi-Fi Solutions Throughout Berks County, PA

At KIT Communications, we do more than just install Wi-Fi systems; we deliver complete wireless network solutions. From conducting Wi-Fi network performance checks to providing Wi-Fi system upgrade services, we are committed to ensuring your Wi-Fi network is optimized for performance, coverage, and capacity. Whether your facility is in Reading, Wyomissing, Singing Spring, Wernersville or any of the other locations we serve in Berks County, PA, partner with us for your Wi-Fi needs and experience our dedication to exceptional service.