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KIT Communications installs premisis communication solutions for clients in York County PA, including but not limited to: structured cabling, enterprise WiFi wireless access point systems, VoIP business phone systems, intercom paging speakers, security camera video surveillance, and access control door security. We have been in business since 1999, and since that time have focused on providing quality solutions with a smile, and a focus on client needs. See below for more detail about the solutions we provide in York PA.:

Structured Cabling Installation

Cat5e Cat6 Fiber Computer Cabling Bethlehem PA

Since 1999, we have performed hundreds of structured cabling projects in York county, and continue to provide the sort of low voltage wiring solutions our clients want to brag about. We install our systems following EIA/TIA standards and BICSI best practices, and certify our lines to standard with level three certification testers by Fluke or Agilent. Do not accept block tests for your Cat5e and Cat6 lines that many contractors will attempt to use as their method of certification. A block test can test only to see if the wires are in the right place. Our certification tests, as per standard, test for attenuation, cross talk, and a vareity of other metrics then compare them to cat 5e and cat6 cabling standards. But beyond providing cat5e and cat6 lines that are certified to perform at their maximum potential, we also deliver structured cabling systems that look great! Every port is labeled, with as-built drawings provided as a referene to find port locations when you need them. We take special pride in our data racks, and make sure they are something you can show off. We also continue to provide fiber optic cabling installation and repair services, including fusion splicing and OTDR testing. If you are looking for a quality structured cabling contractor in York County PA with competitive pricing, give us a call. For more about our structured network cabling services, click here. Or, for more on our fiber optic services, click here.

- Clearly labeled port locations
- Organized Data racks that look great
- As-built structured cabling plans port numbers
- Cat5e cabling, Cat6 cabling tested to standard
- Fiber optic cabling installation and repair - Fusion fiber splicing for fiberoptics
- Telecom closets/Data Rooms (racks, cabinets, flooring)
- EIA/TIA certified test results for Cat5e/Cat6 Cabling

WiFi Access Point Systems

Cat5e Cat6 Fiber Computer Cabling Allentown Whitehall PA
We approach WiFi Wireless Access Point Systems from an RF propogation standpoint. While equipment selection and configuration options, advertised WAP speeds, and configuration options are of course an important part of and WiFi system, the signal transmission piece, is often what is given the least attention, and usually what causes most WiFi problems. We provide wireless survey services to deliver detailed heat-maps that tell us a lot about your air space, and how WiFi access points are performing in a given pace. We also provide WiFi predictive planning services, where we can run computer simulations of Wireless Access Point performance based upon your buiding construction, layout, and other factors. All of this allows us to diagnos, and design systems that peform to their maximum potential. We also maintain partnerships with Ruckus Wireless, Cisco Meraki, and Fortinet to deliver the best WiFi system performance available on the market. Click through for more detail about our

Wireless Survey Services or Wireless Access Point Systems.

- RF focused Wireless design and installation
- Robust high-speed WiFi Access Point Systems
- Wireless surveys and predictive design
- Structured cabling for wireless access point systems
- Fast and reliable wireless bridges between buildings

Overhead Intercom Paging Speakers

Paging Speaker Intercom Systems Whitehall Macungie
We install intercom paging speaker systems for business and educational clients in York PA and York County. We have installed hundreds of Bogen and Valcom intercom paging speaker systems over the years, and continue to offer zoned paging systems that deliver sound evenly throughout your facility so they can be heard, without blasting some with more volume than desired. We provide integration services for overhead paging speaker systems to telephone systems, and door boxes. Our systems include all of the featurs you would expect in a paging speaker system including zoned paging, all-call for mass notification, timed shift change tones, music, night ring, and white noise privace areas. If you are upgrading an existing paging speaker system, or looking for a contractor to install a new speaker system in York PA, get a quote from KIT Communications.

- Clear Audio Intercom Paging Speaker Systems
- Zoned Paging
- Timed Shift change tones
- Night ring and phone system integration
- Mass notification with all-call feature

CCTV Security Camera Video Surveillance Systems

CCTV Video Security Camera Systems Allentown PA

Our video surveillance security camera systems combine quality high-resolution IP megapixel security cameras with enterprise VMS (video management software) and NVRs. The video surveillance client and server software we offer, scales from very small systems to sprawling enterprise deployments encompassing many facilities across the nation. Our systems are easy to use, reducing the support calls IT staff get from users. It is quick and easy to find the recorded video you need. Give us a call to discuss how we can help meet your video surveillance security camera needs in York PA. Click through for more about our video surveillance security camera system installations availabe in York PA

- Megapixel IP Cameras for a great price
- Scaleable systems
- Powerful CCTV client and server software (VMS)
- State contract holder for turn-key surveillance solutions
- System Integrations door security, POS, and more)

Door Security/Access Control

Door security access control

We also install access control door security systems in York PA. In addition to traditional door security systems, we now provide IP based card access systems that blend perflectly with the modern IP-based building infrastructure. Our door security services in York PA include:

- Quick and easy card enrollment process
- Access Schedules and User groups
- Detailed access logs to review access patterns
- System integrations (CCTV, Intercom)
- Data Cabinet level card access for your network center

VoIP Business Phone Systems (IPPBX)

VoIP PBX Phone Systems Kutztown

We are partnered with Fortinet's FortiVoice VoIP Business Phone System because FortiVoice provides a quality feature-rich businesss class VoIP phone system solution at a great price. The unique licensing model of FortiVoice removes per-phone licensing many competing phone systems require, with a focus on designing, building and selling quality VoIP phone system hardware that delivers the business class phone system features you expect, without all the tricks to drive the price up. Their model fits perfectly with our own, which is to provide quality service focused on meeting client needs, at a fair price.

- Scaleable Business Phone Systems by FortiVoice
- Unique licensing model that reduces costs
- Intuitive user interface for easier configuration changes
- Extensive feature set for business phone systems
- Traditional phone systems and Hosted VoIP solutions
- SIP trunking