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Network Cabling Contractor York PA

Network Cabling in York County, PA

Since the year 2000, KIT Communications has been a leading provider of network cabling services in York County, PA, and surrounding areas. Our company is built on providing comprehensive, efficient, and reliable cabling solutions to businesses and government agencies across the county.

Offering a Comprehensive Suite of Network Cabling Services

Network Cabling in York PA

From Red Lion to Hanover, we offer an extensive range of network cabling solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our services include Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A cabling installation, all designed to deliver high-speed data transmission. Whether your business needs gigabit speeds or is ready for 10Gbps, our team of professionals can ensure a neat and efficient installation.

Reliable Low Voltage Cabling Contractor

Since the founding of KIT Network Cabling in 2000, your reliable  low voltage cabling contractor, we have adhered to BICSI training standards ensuring that your data cabling system is designed and installed correctly. We take pride in providing clean, well-labeled, and well-supported cabling solutions that are easy to manage and maintain.

Data Cabling for Modern Business Needs

Data Cabling in Hanover PA

We understand the importance of high-speed, reliable, and secure data connections for today's businesses. Our data cabling services are designed to meet the demands of modern business operations, offering speed and reliability that you can count on.

Fiber Optic and Outside Plant Cabling

For more extensive network needs, such as campus backbones and inter-building connections, we provide fiber optic and outside plant (OSP) cabling services. These solutions offer higher bandwidth and longer distance capabilities. We perform OTDR testing services, fusion splicing, and can ensure your fiber optic system meets the highest performance standards. Visit our fiber-optic cabling page for more details.

Data Center Builds

We offer data center build services, including the installation of data racks and cabinets, cable tray systems, battery backup systems, temperature control, controlled access, and environmental monitoring systems. We focus on ensuring that your data center is not only efficient but also secure and resilient.

Industrial Environment Solutions

Low Voltage Contractor in Dover PA

We are experienced in providing network cabling solutions in industrial environments. We offer wall-mounted data cabinets and shielded cabling solutions for electrically noisy environments. Our solutions can endure exposure to dust and water, providing reliable connections in even the harshest industrial settings.

Experience the KIT Communications Advantage

Our extensive experience, adherence to BICSI training standards, and commitment to excellence set us apart from our competitors. With KIT Communications, you can count on getting high-quality network cabling solutions that will keep your business connected. We serve businesses and organizations across York County, including Dover, Red Lion, Hanover, Spring Grove, Dallastown, and Stewartstown.

Testing and Certification

We don't just install your network cabling; we ensure it performs to the expected speed requirements. All our cabling installations undergo comprehensive testing to validate their performance. Furthermore, we provide certification testing services for existing systems, ensuring your current network is operating at its best.

Project Management and Design

We provide project management and design services to ensure your network cabling project is well-planned and executed. We focus on creating a design that not only meets your current needs but also anticipates future growth and expansion.

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