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Smart Board Projector Installation PA NJ

Smarboard Installation

We install smart boards, white boards, and projector screens from all major manufacturers including Smart Board, Promethean, Panasonic, Hitachi, and eBeam. Do you get a great deal on smart board equipment purchases? No problem. Use your goverment discount to purchase your smart boards, and have them professionally installed by KIT technicians.

Classroom and Boardroom Cabling

We also provide cabling services to connect your projectors and smart boards to input stations, and overhead speakers. With a conveniently located AV input outlet, you don't need to locate your AV sources next to your smartboards and projectors.
  - HDMI
  - 3.5mm
  - RCA
  - Speaker Cabling
  - Cat 6 Cabling for IP devices

Overhead Projectors

We install overhead projectors in a vareity of environment and styles. Let us help you choose the right throw and model for your application, or tell us what you want and we'll install them. We can performan legacy ceiling-mount projector installations, short throw wall-mounted, and well as basket protection and other speciality applications.

Mass Notification Integration

The speakers serving your projectors, smartboards, and other audio sources withint the classroom or boardroom, can be integrated with your mass notification overhead paging system so that local audio does not drown out emergency pages. Chose to either have your local audio ducked out during emergency pages, or incorporate your classroom speakers into the overhead paging system to reduce the total number of speakers required at your school or facility.